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ON THE JOB is an application that helps you simplify your work, both at the worksite and the office. You just need to download the Logbook and Hours Apps and start in an intuitive and easy way to manage your activity.

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How does On The Job work?

Thanks to a unique tool, you can find all the features you need to manage the most relevant phases of your business. Abandon the old management with Excel and Word files and start digitizing your processes. Coordinating on-site construction activities without the aid of proper technological tools can be difficult and time-consuming. On the Job is a project management tool for planning and organizing worksite activities. Using the software platform, the project manager can write the daily worksite logbook, keep track of activities’ costs and monitor the workforce performances.

Personalize the application in a simple and intuitive way:

- Create the various accounts for your employees and choose the information you want them to have access to

- Enter your customers and update the records of the projects you are going to perform

- Include your employees' information, with their details and the labor groups they belong to

- Create your fleet and, for each vehicle, assign a cost

- Record material data although you can always add new ones directly from the LOGBOOK Smartphone App

- You're ready to go: create your first worksite journal and start keeping track of costs

Monitor costs in real time and keep track of the activities performed by your collaborators

Create your workiste journal in few simple steps:

- Select one of the projects from those previously created

- Enter the activities performed during the day

- Indicate who the collaborators are and how many hours they worked

- Select the vehicles used and their respective hours of use

- Select the materials and their respective quantities

- Save the data and keep track of site activities


Record the data and activities of your employees and assign them the worksite they belong to

Through the HOURS mobile App, each employee can enter their work schedule and indicate who their supervisor is. This simplifies the creation of the daily worksite logbook as the supervisor can directly assign the hours of various workers to a worksite, and this data can be synchronized with the previously Worksite Logbook. The steps are simple:

- The worker enters the working hours, the tools or vehicles used and indicate the supervisor via the HOURS App

- The supervisor, via the LOGBOOK app, will receive the hours worked by the employee and, in addition to being able to edit them, can assign the work hours directly to one of the worksites


The LOGBOOK App is the simple and effective tool that allows you to enter all the data related to the day's progress on the construction site. In the first part you will have the opportunity to enter a description of the work performed, whether any checks were made and possibly jot down notes. Next you will be able to enter the labor used, the vehicles that were used, and the materials you used on the worksite, with the various quantities.

All this data can be previously surveyed through the Web App.


The digitization of the working schedule is finally here. A tool that is easy and suitable for everyone.

- Enter the working hours carried out

- Enter the name of your supervisor

- Write your day's activities

- Indicate whether you had any expenses and whether you used company fleet vehicles. -Wait for the supervisor's approval of the schedule.

- Wait for the supervisor’s approval of the schedule

Easy, intuitive and innovative.

Reporting and Monitoring

More than 7 types of reports available, each useful in its own way and with simple and straightforward information, all downloadable in Excel format.

- Project cost reports

- Manpower management

- Maintenance statistics and costs

These among the most important reports available. Each report, can be customized and implementations can be made to the platform, based on the needs of various clients. Make On the Job's software your own and customize it to make it perfect for your company.

Additional Features

In addition to the project’s cost and the daily worksite logbook, you will also be able to have control over vehicle maintenance costs. Again, in a dedicated section, you will have the ability to enter mechanics' maintenance hours, costs of materials used, and point them to a specific vehicle. All exportable in Excel format.

Worksite minutes and checklists

Site inspection minutes and safety checklists

Vehicle maintenance

A section dedicated to your vehicles and tracking of work performed

Highway costs of vehicles

With integrated information track your vehicles' highway toll expenses

On The Job Targets

Construction Compaines

Technicians and Installers

Construction Managers


We all know how difficult it can be to make a site look like a demo, so to make sure you don't miss out on all the features do a one-month free trial and forget about the old Excel files to keep track of costs. Enter a new digital world!

Price & Plan

The cost of activation and entering all business data is 299€ one-time fee. All prices quoted do not include VAT.


  • A) 0-7 EMPLOYEES

    280,00 EUR

    B) 8-15 EMPLOYEES

    550,00 EUR

    C) 16-30 EMPLOYEES

    1000,00 EUR

    D) 31-50 EMPLOYEES

    1400,00 EUR

    E) >50 EMPLOYEES

    1600,00 EUR

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  • per account

    29,90 EUR

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What happens after the free trial?

The free trial is valid for all plans. After the free trial you will be contacted by our team to decide whether or not to continue with On the Job. If you decide to continue using On the Job you will not lose any data after the free trial.

What happens if I have exceeded the number of employees in the plan I have chosen?

No problem! You can upgrade your plan at any time. You can contact us directly at e-mail and we would make you a customized offer.